4 Benefits Of Long-Term Travel Health Insurance Over Short-Term Travel Health Insurance

If you're planning an international trip that will last longer than a year, you should get long-term travel health insurance, whereas shorter trips require short term, right? Despite the names, the question of long-term vs. short-term travel health insurance is not quite that simple. Sometimes long-term travel health insurance makes sense for people who only intend to travel abroad for a semester or six months, and sometimes it's ideal for frequent travelers who make short trips often. Below are some of the benefits long-term plans usually offer over their short-term counterparts. 

Easy Annual Renewal 

While short-term plans are usually not renewable, long-term plans are easily renewable. Usually you only have to make a payment online to renew your insurance each year. This is obviously ideal if you are abroad when your insurance contract runs out. But it's also helpful for frequent travelers who don't want to shop around for a new policy every time they leave the country. 

May Offer Pregnancy Coverage 

Very few, if any, short-term policies cover pregnancy or pregnancy-related complications. If you are pregnant when you travel, you will need to look for a specific short-term pregnancy policy or opt for one of the long-term packages that covers pregnancy. If you think you might get pregnant while traveling, the long-term coverage will most likely be your only option to offer you peace of mind.  

May Offer Mental Health Coverage 

If you have a history of mental health issues, you may need a long-term policy to cover access to mental health services and medication while you're abroad. You should keep in mind that the stress of travel can exacerbate some mental health problems and make sure you're covered if you are at risk for them.  

May Cover Pre-existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical problem that may need emergency care while you're abroad, you will likely need a long-term policy rather than a short-term policy. 

For very short trips of less than a month, short-term policies with additional add-on options may cover you sufficiently. However, if you will be abroad for more than a month or if you travel frequently, long-term policies will offer you more robust coverage at a more reasonable price than trying to cobble together a short-term policy that will fit your specialized needs, especially if you are pregnant, have mental health problems, or have pre-existing conditions. 

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